Why am I writing blogs?

Every time I wonder why someone is writing? someone is writing something either in their personal diary or a blog publicly, there could be various reasons, I tell you mine.

I am writing for the benefit of readers, for the betterment of society and etc etc.. Do you really believe in it?

Though it’s not completely wrong it’s not completely right as well. Let me put this very straight, I am writing blogs to help my family business and their website to be popular. Being honest, I am trying to help my brother get more viewers on this website. If the audience would be able to connect to my blogs they would visit this website more often and they might like something here and there and order, who knows this could make the website popular. ?

Haha I know I am being too straight forward but that’s true and that’s exactly how I feel. In my life, I have always followed the same principle and have tried to be truthful to myself and others as much as possible, which made my life both complex sometimes and simpler most of the time. The truth could harm you in the short term but it would always benefit you in the Long term.

Truth, this is the first and last thing I would always want to be loyal to. Truth is the only thing that can take you to heights or drop you straight down. But let me tell you even if it’s dropping for you, for now,  you will raise 1 day with no regrets. Have you ever felt if you do something wrong or not truthful to yourself or your loved ones, and still you are able to sleep peacefully? I doubt people can lie to other people, they can lie to themselves, but they can’t lie to their conscious which affects your sleep directly. Maybe it does not hold true for everyone but where it holds it’s directly connected to your sleep. And I am an asleep lover. I do sleep like a log and would want to continue the same till my last breath. Sleeping like a baby is something that I feel is the best gift by God.

So here I am telling you the truth about my writing blogs.  More or less these are my personal stories. And now the question arises. Why do we write?

This is me, this is my nature.  I never felt very comfortable talking instead I wrote.  I write my issues, my discomforts, my happiness, my sorrows, my complaints, my appreciation. It’s like talking to yourself and your inner consciousness. Would I be able to lie to it? Even if yes, I would never want to. That’s the one place I would always like to be honest. And they are my writings.  Whether they are blogs or the diaries or just the long WhatsApp messages for that matter. I have always expressed my feelings to my writings. I have always told everything to my writings and to my inner conscience.  Which tells me what to do next? Or how to deal with this? Or just introspect of my own doing.

Here also I am doing the same. I am just expressing myself. The only difference here is I thought there may be many more like me in the outside world. Maybe they think just like me. Maybe they are stuck somewhere at someplace just like me. These writings would give us all some perspective. And hence I would definitely love to hear from you all about your experiences of writings. And expressing yourself.

Writing is just not only writing. As I said it’s talking to your inner self. And you don’t lie to your inner self because it knows everything. That’s the one place you don’t need to justify yourself. You don’t need to be judged. You don’t need to convince someone to like you or to love you the way you love them. You don’t expect someone to feel in the same way as you did. Though you still can reason out a few things. It’s just like listing down the pros and cons before making any decisions. When you start writing everything which means you recap everything, all about your incidents. Your feelings. Your perspective on it. Others’ perspective. And then you reach to a conclusion when you hear about all your arguments running in your mind.  And then you make an informed decision. You can even learn about various topics while writing a blog. Share your experiences, knowledge, ideas, and innovations through your blog. Inspire the people and motivate your followers to do something for the nation and towards society. Let’s make this world a better place to live.

While talking to someone, maybe you would not accept that you could be wrong but when you are writing and talking to your inner self, you would be honest and think once. What if you are wrong this time? What if things are not exactly the way you see it? What if you see things differently? And this thinking would give you a totally new perspective on your issues.

It’s again like a meditation for me where you get aware of your surroundings, accept all the feelings you are receiving, process them, reach a conclusion, or just accept and acknowledge them as is. And once you are done, make peace with yourself and reach space with zero thoughts in your mind. That’s a relaxation technique for me and works like a charm every time. How about you?

Try and talk to your inner self in whichever way you want. And see how it goes and what difference does it make in your life.


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