Mom shouts every-time I play a game :(

Are games harmful?

What are constructive and destructive games ? 

I am 33 years old and I am still addicted to some of the mobile games especially like wood block puzzles. Some say, stop playing games right away. Some snatches my phone all the time. My parents, little brother, all of them are fully and completely against my habit of playing games and oppose me all the time. But the fact is that, the more they stop me, the more I play.

They might be right. Maybe It’s not good for my eyes. But let’s hear my version of it. I am not saying I am right but I have my version in which I believe.. 

So here it goes. I am on my maternity leave from my office. Being a workaholic, it’s really impossible to sit idle the whole day. Of course I have a full time job of parenting and nurturing my baby. Which I do, but I don’t want  to raise my baby clinging to her mother all the time. And also, I have house help, plus my parents to take care of her. I planned this 6 months long leave to spend quality time with my baby and my family instead of just being stuck with regular chores.

And then I installed a game on my mobile. I just play these games and read all the parenting articles on the internet. Believe it or not, these games calm my mind.  It keeps me away from any negative thinking.  It helps me plan my next steps better. It helps me to keep my anxiety and anger in control. It helps me reduce my non-working frustration as much less as possible. When you are playing a constructive game, you are in another world for sometime. Lost in your thinking. Yet thinking of the best move to keep your game alive else when the game is over. U start a new game. As simple as that. 

Simple game theory teaches me to plan my steps well in advance. It helps me to understand various versions of a problem. It helps me understand different perspectives. And it always teaches you that game over us not a big deal ever. One can always start a new one. Just like your bad days in life, they will be over soon. And you can start a fresh new game. Simple but deep thinking just because of 1 simple game. It’s like a meditation for me. Which relaxes me most of the time and gives me a perspective to think, keeping all negative thoughts and irritations aside.

So is the game good? I think yes. Of course if you keep a check and do not get addicted.


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