Take a Stand -Don’t be a Gossipmonger

Delhi crime

The series Delhi crime is undoubtedly one of the best Indian series I have come through. It is an outcome of a heinous crime that can’t be described or judged and I believe no one can come close saying that they could feel what the girl and family went through.

My blog is not about the incident and the details of the incident, since every channel and every single media source has it. I also do not want to revisit the horrific incident that a family in our country has to go through and just like me, all of us has the same thought.

We all feel bad for the girl and family and somewhere get content about not being in the same situation, all of us derive our solace from it. All of us makes things like this as our benchmark of being happy saying ” At least we are not in such situation”. Some people who are for sure better then me writing a blog in closed room and politicians working on their personal agenda went out on roads asking for justice but then again a question arises ” For a crime like this, why justice has to be demanded”. So many girls every day, fall prey to these incidents and what gets worse is apart from being through torture, a girl has to mentally prepare herself to be tortured every single day by our society that will have sympathy, remorse, advice, judgement, suggestion, future plans as if she is the one who has committed the crime.

The statements made by celebrities are criticized, news channel already has a guy tagged as ” Rape expert” giving his views, People telling you to like and subscribe their video before asking you to go and help out the family only make
the girl and family go crazy. I can keep on writing the stuff that we already know and we talk in our bedrooms, bars, WhatsApp groups.

I think one of the messages, that we all have come across on WhatsApp, is the good morning message. Which a person, who is already having a good morning will never have time to send it to multiple people. But the point is, that somewhere that message would have always contained a summary of living a life that you will be proud of, that you have loved it well, that you have helped people, etc.

Thus by means of this write-up, I would want to request people to be compassionate towards the family and girls. Stand by them but do not sympathize with them. Let them feel normal and do not give advice or your views and do not be a gossipmonger (which is a sin in the ten commandments) about the incident to the people around them. Let them feel, they are amongst us and we are with them for the criminals. The sword has to be mighty than the ink in this case. They have to be punished and not be talked about or written about. We all to have to stand up on this, we all to have felt it so that the world judges us differently and you do not hear a foreigner asking on TripAdvisor ” is it safe for women to travel to India”


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