My Black Book

My black book…

Today I watched the movie, Shakuntala Devi. There were some great messages in the movie which I loved, but there was something else which triggered my thought today… A black book.

Honestly not everyone is brilliant or genius. Not everyone can have achievements like a great mathematician receiving awards from prime ministers of various countries or receiving a Nobel Prize or the lifetime awards. But that does not mean we have not achieved anything.

Let me list down my achievements…

  1. Sailed through my weaker subjects in school, but for me, it made me the best in a few.
  2. Sailed through the time of my failure where I didn’t crack IIT but made me explore my new skills with great results in AIEEE and PET.
  3. Sailed through the time when I had a failed relationship, but for me when it all ended I was a better person and more confident and felt good about myself.
  4. Sailed through the time where I was stuck at my career and could not see where to head, but I found my way to some great managers and companies I admire the most.
  5. Always wanted to do higher studies and the situations took me the other way, but I still steered my way and completed my masters.
  6. Sailed through my pregnancy where I was always in doubt if I would be able to deliver a happy and healthy child due to my health problems but I did and gave birth to an amazingly beautiful,  smiling and healthy baby of my life…

I know this list sounds very normal and almost every woman in this country has achieved it, but I do feel proud of my achievements. And, I found my happiness in this list, I found my confidence in this list. I found myself in this list and would love to continue the same, exploring myself, and being happy in small happiness around me.

Happiness can be found in small events where you feel a sense of achievement. No matter how big or small, it’s an achievement and each one of it deserves a celebration.

When we first sat without support. Walking, eating on our own. Aren’t these sounding very normal achievements which almost every human being has achieved on this planet? But we still celebrate each moment of happiness. When our child starts walking with or without support. When he/she goes to school for the first time and has a successful yet amazing day… Right? They are their achievement and they are proud of them and also the parents. Then why not the above list too?

Happiness is the key to everything, if you know your way to find the reasons for being happy, no power can break you. It’s always in our hands if we want to be happy or not. No one can make you happy or not so happy, it’s always us, who allow others to make us feel that way. You can choose when to ignore and when to invite others’ comments. If that does not make you happy, of course, there is no harm in getting some critics reviews now and then as it makes you better every passing day.

Be happy n stay happy and keep smiling ????


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