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CraftEarth Golden Metal Cow Calf Small

 Beautiful creation of the kamdhenu cow & calf is a perfect symbol of the undying aura of the holy saint that encompasses numerous devotees around the globe. This statue aptly conveys the emotions of people who consider cow (gomatha) as a motherly figure. Kamdhenu cow & calf statues are widely used for decoration purposes in homes and offices. It serves as a great gift, especially around religious celebrations and festivities. This white metal handicraft with golden polish has been made by skilled artisans from the house of CraftEarth.

CraftEarth Metal Tealight Candle Holder With Metal Tray

Decorate your room with a touch of elegant traditional home decor with this Antique Design Metal Candle Holder. Featuring a vintage style base, the entire base of this tray set is sculpted with a perforated sheet. Made of iron material, this features a thin and durable handle to carry it easily from one place to the other. Add charm to your home decor with the Wacky Iron Tray set. This beautiful candle holder is a decorative and practical addition to your home decorations. The simple, yet elegant design directs the eye to the centre. This minimalist, modern piece works great alone, or as a set with multiple matching pieces. Perfect for living room or dining room, this candle holder also makes an excellent addition to event furnishings. This product lends itself as a perfect giveaway for all celebrations and festivities. Not only Indian traditional occasions like Diwali, House Warming or Weddings does this T light make pleasurable gifts, but it is also a perfect Corporate Gift.

CraftEarth White Metal Spoon Folk Swan Pair Set

Embellish your dining table setting by bringing this white metal spoon holder from CraftEarth. It is a complete finished product and comes with a classy stand that holds all the spoons perfectly. Bring home this beautiful product to adorn your table. They are easy to use and clean as well!  This can be used as showpiece and table décor. Suitable for gifting occasions like house warming, weddings, corporate gifts. On any occasion, it will add the elegance and royalty to your serving. This swan set is crafted into a unique shape with metal which keeps the product’s artwork intact and makes it a lifelong entity for you. Notes: 1. Please clean it with detergent before use. 2. Don't use a wire brush to clean the tableware. 3. Keep it out of reach of children for sake of their safety.

CraftEarth Copper Mugs (Set of 2)

At this time when the world is riddled with Pollution, our countrymen are using high potency tablets even for minor problems which are spreading poison in their bodies. Our Rishes/Sadhus, Saints and even doctors have found a very easy method to deal with such disorders. The best remedy to overcome these problems is to store water in a copper utensil overnight and drink four glasses every morning. After this you can wash your mouth and brush your teeth. It is also advisable not to take tea for at least 45 minutes. Patients, who cannot drink four glasses of water at a time, can start with smaller quantities and increase the quantity gradually. There is no disease in the world which cannot be cured by this method. It is useful to drink water before sunrise for all, including healthy persons. We request everybody to propagate this every morning, whosoever is suffering from any diseases.  Care Tips:  Clean your copperware by hand and avoid dishwasher as the detergent can cause oxidation leading to permanent damage.

CraftEarth Brass Deepak with Handle

CraftEarth brings you its Handcrafted Pooja Deepak. Lighten up your house with a glow of tranquillity, harmony and charm with this excellent art piece. It is ideal for gifting and a must-have for a Pooja room. Aesthetically carved from brass, this handcrafted Pooja Deepak is durable, sturdy, and break - corrosion-resistant, decorating your home for long. This Deepak can be a great gift option for your loved ones. Its distinctive shape and appealing design will mesmerize anybody.

CraftEarth Golden Metal Lotus Urli

Urli is used as decorative bowls to float flowers and candles especially at the entrance of your home as a daily ritual; during festivals and special occasions. This beautiful lotus design urli is made up of metal with golden finish. Today, urli are very much in demand to lend living rooms or hotel foyers an ethnic feel with flowers or candles floating in them. Made out of the finest quality brass, giving it rich color and an attractive, sleek shine. This Urli can be used to place on an altar, displayed empty or filled with water to float candles or flowers. Highly durable, elegant and wonderful item for home decor and it is washable.  Suitable for gifting your near and dear ones on various occasions like  Diwali, Dussehra, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, House Warming, etc.

CraftEarth German Oxidized Jewelry Box 4 by 6 inches

    CraftEarth oxidized jewelry box will make a fantastic addition to your home and it is ideal for storing all your favorites. This jewelry box is made up of wood covered with high quality metal foil having good quality velvet inside.  It is a must have for all beautiful women out there, to store all your favorites in style.  This impressive jewelry box is made sensibly and skillfully by the artisans with lots of focus and devotion. This beautiful box is an eye catching and sophisticated home accessory, adding a chic and traditional feel to your room, with enough space and perfect size. You can store your bangles, bracelets, chain, earrings and many more. It’s a best option to use while travelling and it will help you to keep your heavy jewelry in a separate cover from other items in your luggage.  

CraftEarth Black Metal Saraswati with Chakra Plate with Wooden Stand

 Enhance your home, garden and office with this Saraswati with lotus idol. Maa Saraswati is the supreme Hindu goddess of wisdom, art, music and knowledge and she is worshipped not only all over in Indian but also in countries like Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Indonesia. She forms the goddess trinity of Hinduism with Laxmi and Parvati. This Saraswati idol is a perfect spiritual or religious home decorative product. Saraswati idol can be placed at the office to dispel all the evil forces around it. It can be placed in a pooja room, living room or drawing room to give a divine feel. Perfect as a pooja return, housewarming and festive occasion gift.  



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